Metal Braces: A Reliable Solution for Orthodontic Treatment

When most people hear the word “braces,” their first thought is of metal braces, which consist of brackets and wires made of stainless steel and are attached to the teeth using rubber bands. The rubber bands can be purchased in a number of colors, allowing patients the opportunity to personalize the appearance of their orthodontic appliances. In comparison to older braces, those made of metal nowadays are much more discrete and have a lower overall profile. They continue to be the most often used form of orthodontic appliance.


  • Metal Braces: A Reliable Solution for Orthodontic Treatment

With metal supports, you can’t move them around. The job of an orthodontist is to fix problems with the bite and make sure teeth are straight. A tooth brace is suggested for people who:

Straighten your teeth and fix crowded teeth.

Fix your bite so that your front and back teeth meet properly.

lessen the chance of hurting teeth that stick out.

You can also get help for other health issues with orthodontics, like a cleft lip or cleft palate.

The orthodontist will either glue or bond the metal braces to the teeth. The braces are held together by a flexible wire that goes through holes in the brackets. The orthodontist will then hold the wire in place with ligatures, which are small bands.

The braces put pressure on the teeth to move them and line them up again. When the patient goes to the dentist, the orthodontist may tighten the wire to move the teeth and mou

They may also glue or attach a band, which is a metal ring, to one of the back teeth to hold the braces in place and make them stronger.

People may also wear elastic bands between their upper and lower jaws to help move and adjust their teeth while they are getting treatment.

Usually, you see an orthodontist every 6–8 weeks while you’re wearing braces to make sure your teeth are still in the right place.

How much are braces made of metal?

For full orthodontic treatment for both the upper and lower arches, including spacers, metal braces usually cost between $3,800 and $7,100. Still, prices can change because of:

Severity of your case

The place where you go to treatment


orthodontist experience

How Long Do I Have to Wear Braces?

With standard metal braces, it can take up to two years to finish orthodontic treatment. But it’s normal to start to notice small changes in your teeth after the first month of treatment (4 to 6 weeks).

The amount of time can change depending on bone density, the patient’s age, and how bad the diagnosis is, but in general, you shouldn’t expect your treatment to last much longer or shorter than these mainly depend upon :

Most importantly, the provider’s skill and knowledge

Severity of  diagnosis

Compliance of cases

Pros of metal braces

Metal braces are better than other types of orthodontics at fixing severe misalignments and overcrowding.

Most of the time, metal braces are the least expensive way to straighten your teeth.

Younger patients may like that the braces and elastics can be colored and made to fit their needs.

Since metal braces are set in place, they are less likely to get lost or dirty.

Cons of Metal Braces

Ceramic and clear braces are less noticeable than metal braces, which could make the patient feel bad about their self-esteem.

People with metal braces need to stay away from certain foods that could hurt the archwire.

Even though a lot of progress has been made to make braces less painful, it’s normal to feel pain and soreness for the first week of wearing them, and they may feel a little tight after each change.

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Patients with busy schedules might find it hard to keep their monthly follow-up visits.

It is not possible for you to take off or adjust metal braces on your own. Only a dentist with a lot of knowledge can do that. They might make it harder to brush your teeth, floss between your teeth, and eat some things if you wear them all the time.

Metal braces need to be brushed and maintained more often.


Are metal braces better?

Metal braces last longer, which makes them a better choice for people who need a lot of help.

Are metal braces good for teeth?

For people with crooked or crowded teeth, metal braces may help straighten them out.

Which is better metal or ceramic braces?

The brackets made of ceramic aren’t as strong as stainless steel, so they don’t last as long as metal braces. Metal braces are consider better than ceramic braces due to their durability.

Do metal braces take longer?

Treatment with ceramic or clear braces typically lasts between 12 and 36 months. With metal braces, the typical course of therapy lasts for 20 months. However, metal braces may take up to 36 months to do their work, depending on the severity of the orthodontic disorders being addressed.

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